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The Director of Operations acts as an advisory capacity to the Chairman, which includes assisting with assigning games, providing financial reports including fines, late fees, etc. This person works closely with the Talent Management Director and Director of Training to verify and update all membership status in the association's database. The Director of Operations will also be responsible for disseminating all correspondence for the association (i.e., minute meetings, financial reports, fine notices, disciplinary letters, etc.) with the approval of the Chairman. The person in this position must be knowledgeable and capable to officiate 90% of all sports officiated by GPOA and must be available to cover last-minute assignment withdrawals. Lastly, this person will also update all GPOA forms to include Independent Contractor forms, Constitution, By-Laws, Fine Schedule, Uniform Policy, Membership Application, etc. and disseminate to the membership as required.

Darvin Graham Bio

Darvin Graham served over 25 Years active duty with the Army and Retired as a Master Sergeant. He served in
Iraq during Enduring Freedom and was a Bronze recipient. Mr. Graham has been officiating basketball, softball, flag football and volleyball for over 10 years.

Memorial Ribbon Memorial Ribbon Jonathan Emery - In Loving Memory - July 16, 1948 - July 11, 2016



DIRECTOR OF TRAINING - Anthony (Tony) Crisp

The Director of training shall be responsible for the overall training and development for GPOA's sports officials to include scorers. The Training Director shall develop a Certified Training Committee (CTC) to assist with the development and training for each specific sport offered by the association. The CTC under the guidance of the Director of Training will be the liaison for that sport. The Director of Training shall evaluate the level of play for each sports official working on behalf of the Association and provide ratings for the purpose of assigning to the Chairman and Director of Operations. He/she shall investigate all complaints by and against any member and take any action it deems advisable, including the termination of membership in appropriate circumstances with the approval of the Chairman.

Anthony (Tony) Crisp Bio

Master Sergeant (Retired) Anthony Crisp served the United States Air Force for 20 years before retiring in 1989. He has been a member of the Greater Potomac Officials Association for over nine years.  He plans and operates all of the association’s training programs and clinics for each sport offered.  He tracks and manages the association’s evaluation system and chairs the recruiting committee as well as the evaluation review board committee.  He is responsible for evaluating each member and providing them with feedback.  He also works closely with the commissioner to ensure that those officials are qualified to work association games.

Mr. Crisp has been officiating basketball since 1998.  He officiates at the Division I and II level.  He also referees for the Big East Conference, the MAAC Conference, the Big South Conference, the Ivy Conference, the Patriot Conference, and the MEAC Conference.  



DIRECTOR OF TALENT MANAGEMENT - Isaiah (Ike) Rivers & Bruce Rothwell

The Director Talent Management shall be responsible for the retention and recruitment of members to include marketing. They will be responsible for tracking and capturing membership information, ensure independent contracting forms are completed every year, communicating the mission and standards of the association, maintain the association membership roster, update member records, and track attendance during association meetings. They will work closely with the Director of Training, Director of Operations and Chairman to communicate the mission of the organization. They assist the Director of Training with any disciplinary actions and training if necessary and also communicate any membership concerns to the Board of Directors for action if necessary. The Director of Talent Management will be the Sergeant of arms at all meetings and must be familiar with Robert's Rules of Order.

Isaiah (Ike) Rivers Bio

Master Sergeant (Retired) Ike Rivers served the United States Air Force for 20 years before retiring in 2006. He has been a member of the Greater Potomac Officials Association for over seven years.  Ike serves as a lead mentor for the association’s mentoring program.  He serves on the evaluation review board, the disciplinary committee and the recruiting committee.  Ike is a liaison for the general membership to address any professional issues related to the Association.  

Ike has been officiating Basketball for over 19 years.  During his 19 years he has officiated every level of basketball to include NCAA Division III &  Division II.   He has been selected to officiate numerous 17 years old AAU Championships, several High School State Championships, and top Military Varsity Basketball Championships. Recently Ike was the lead officials for Division III Holiday tournament championship games in the States of Virginia and Maryland.

Bruce Rothwell Bio

Sergeant Major (Retired) Bruce Rothwell served the United States Army for 22 years before retiring in 2005.  He has been a member of the Greater Potomac Officials Association for over five years.  Bruce serves as a lead for the association's mentoring program.  He serves on the evaluation review board, the disciplinary committee and the recruiting committee.  Bruce is a liaison for the general membership to address any professional issues related to the Association.  Bruce also
performs other duties that may be designated by the President.

Mr. Rothwell has been officiating basketball since 2004.  He officiates in all levels of college basketball.  He referees at the Division I level for the MAAC Conference, The Ivy league, the Patriot Conference, and the MEAC Conference.  He also referees Division II Schools for the CACC, CIAA, PSAC and WVIAC.  Mr. Rothwell has been officiating basketball for six years.





The Director of Finance will oversee all financial submissions associated with GPOA such as invoicing, tax forms, fines, contract renewals, sub-contractor agreements for each specific sport.

Anne Gloster Bio

Lorraine has been a member of the Greater Potomac Officials Association for over  seven years.  As president, she represents the overall values of the association to its principles and public.  The organization’s mission is to provide qualified and professional officials for the purpose of athletic sports.  Her goal is to maintain the Association’s mission objective by advocating for the welfare and quality of life of the members.  She assists the Secretary and Treasurer in preparing a budget and end of year reports.

Ms. Gloster has officiated fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball for over 10 years for the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) and National High School Federation (NHSF).  She umpired the 14 & under National Championships in 2004; 35 over Women’s Slow-Pitch National Championships in 2005; 16 under National Fast-Pitch National Championship in 2007, and 18 & under Fast-Pitch National Championship Tournament in 2008.  Ms. Gloster was a 2009 inductee into the ASA Umpire National Indicator Fraternity.  She has been officiating NHSF basketball for over seven years and has been officiating Intramural and Varsity games at the collegiate level for the military community for five years.  She has also officiated USTFL and NIRSA flag football for over four years.



SECRETARY - Gloria Thomas

Enhances executive's effectiveness by providing information management support; representing the executive board to others. Prepares and edits correspondence, communications, presentations and other documents in support of GPOA. Files and retrieve documents, conducts research, collects and analyze data to prepare reports and documents. Arranges and coordinates meetings and events with Board of Directors. Records, transcribes and distributes minutes of meetings. Monitors, screens, prepare Board of Directors' responses to and distribute incoming communications. Reviews operating practices and implement improvements where necessary.

Gloria Thomas Bio

As a DOD Civilian, Gloria Thomas works to support the Military Executive Assistant of command protocol for US and foreign leaders at Andrews AFB. Along with her secretarial responsibilities for the Association, Ms. Thomas is a scorekeeper for basketball and softball.





Earl Taylor Bio

Chief Master Sergeant (Retired) Earl Taylor, III served the United States Air Force for 31 years before retiring in 2003.  He has been a member of the Greater Potomac Officials Association for over 15 years.  He serves as the association’s liaison to the communities requesting GPOA officials.   Mr. Taylor assigns, tracks, and records all sporting contests and evaluates on-field performances in all sports.  Mr. Taylor is well  knowledgeable in all GPOA sports and provides instructions to beginning and mid-level officials.

Mr. Taylor has been officiating softball, basketball and flag football for over 25 years.  During his active duty tours, he officiated college fast-pitch games as well as every major military varsity-level events.  He is a proven athlete by his 2-time All-American selection in men’s slow-pitch softball. Earl works closely with the umpire-in-chief  to verify that members have met their requirements to perform work for the association as well as maintaining performance evaluations for each member.




This position is responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of the infrastructure, hardware, and software utilized for the organization based on information technology needs. This person maintians and develops the orginizational website and social media formats. Coordinates with The President and Executive Board to ensure that IT products utilized by the association are adequate, efficient and effective and makes improvements as needed.

Sean Davis Bio

Sean Davis currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserves and has been since 2002. He has one Tour of Duty to Iraq under Operation Endurring Freedom 2004-05.

Sean Davis has been officiating basketball for over 20 years. He started right after graduating high school by officiating for his church league. While attending college in Texas, he began officiating basketball for Junior-High, High School and the local city leagues. He also officiated in the Northern Virginia High School Leagues. He currently lives in Jacksonville, FL and officiates for the Military Base Leagues and local city leagues.